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Space where you can connect with other fitness enthusiasts, harness the expertise of personal trainers, monitor your progress, and cultivate your unique fitness brand, all while fostering a healthier you!

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Designed with fitness aficionados, personal trainers, and aspiring athletes in mind, MassCells serves as your dynamic digital stage to share your fitness journey, track your progress, and engage with a robust community of like-minded individuals. With MassCells, not only do you take control of your health and fitness, but you also inspire others on their journeys, creating a synergy of wellness and personal growth.

Select workouts and meal plans

A bustling hub teeming with diverse workout regimes and meal plans curated by our community members. We invite you to sift through our library of fitness and nutrition plans, choosing the ones that resonate with you and your unique fitness goals, all from sources you trust and admire.

Track your workouts

Stay on top of your daily exercise regime, get insights on correct form and execution, and discover which muscles you are engaging - all designed to ensure you maximize every workout to its fullest potential.

Stay on the top of things

Keep track of posts, status updates, new images, and videos from your fitness circle. Discover trending workouts, see what regimes your friends are swearing by, and never miss a beat in your fitness community's pulse.

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Start your transformation with MassCells today. Select your perfect workout, immerse yourself in our thriving communities, and take that first step towards living life to the fullest - all with MassCells as your trusted fitness companion.

  • Select workout and meal plans

    Handpick from an extensive range of workout routines and meal plans, uniquely crafted by our vibrant community, tailored for your health goals.

  • Create and share content

    Document and broadcast your fitness journey, with captivating photos, videos, and insights, inspiring your community every step of the way.

  • Connect with people in real-time

    Discover and connect with fellow fitness enthusiasts, fostering meaningful relationships built on a shared passion for wellness and personal growth.

  • Track progress

    Keep a close eye on your fitness progression and daily workout schedule, mastering each routine with our comprehensive performance guides.

  • Profit from your network

    Create workout and meal plans that resonate with your community, potentially turning your passion for fitness into a rewarding revenue stream.

  • Build your brand

    Seamlessly leverage all our features to establish your unique fitness brand and broaden your impact like never before.

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Frequently asked questions

If you have anything else you want to ask, reach out to us.

    • Can everyone create a new workout plans?

      Absolutely! MassCells empowers each member to design their own workout plans. Whether you're tailoring a plan for personal use or aiming to share it with our thriving community, the power to create is at your fingertips.

    • Do I have to pay for workout plans?

      It's a mix! MassCells houses a wealth of free plans generously shared by our community. However, we also facilitate trainers and individuals to sell their custom-made plans, allowing you to access specialized routines that might perfectly fit your unique fitness goals.

    • Can I join if I am not a fitness enthusiasts?

      Absolutely! MassCells isn't just for the fitness-obsessed. If you enjoy any form of sport or simply wish to partake in a fitness-conscious community, we're more than happy to welcome you aboard. You can create, enjoy, and interact within communities that align with your interests.

    • How do you secure credit card information?

      Your financial security is our priority. We utilize Stripe, a leading global payment processor, to securely handle all transactions and safeguard your sensitive financial information.

    • Are we available on all platforms?

      At the moment, you can find us on the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices. We are constantly evolving and are excited to announce that a web application is in our near future plans.

    • In what phase of development are you?

      We've just released the alpha version of our application to the general public. As we eagerly move forward, we're inviting individuals to try it out and provide valuable feedback. We have an array of exciting new features and enhancements in the pipeline, currently under development for our forthcoming beta and release candidates.